Using the factors and considerations above, as well as other sources, here are some recommended mobile devices to choose from based on your organization size. For automated testing, you can use the same device strategy (low/high-end devices), but add a larger How to improve mobile QA practice mix of OS versions to get optimal coverage and ensure faster test execution. Automated testing is a single-sense approach where a mobile testing framework like Selenium, Appium, XCUITest, or Espresso runs test scripts that look for specific functional issues.

mobile QA testing

As a way out, many mobile app owners turn to mobile testing outsourcing. Mobile regression testing is a process of checking whether the new code works fine with older programming. It is aimed at ensuring the application updates do not affect its stability in any way but only make it better. In addition to fragmentation, your QA team must also consider mobile OS release cycles. Mobile hardware manufacturers are exposed to an unbelievable level of competition in their industry, which forces them to throw innovation at us as frequently as they can. Traditionally, market leaders present their new flagship mobile devices every year.

Testsigma Which Allows Mobile Test

After installation, ensure it is possible to change the security settings of device or application permissions. Test with common web security and testing tools such as Firefox web developer. Ensure that web proxy is used to intercept all mobile device traffic to monitor data and test for security issues.

mobile QA testing

The goal is to reveal areas of confusion and uncover opportunities to improve the overall user experience. It also means that you’re only authorizing the correct users and allowing them to access only their information. This step will determine how and where you stored information and what web services you use. It will help you assess your database structure for your multi-tenancy mobile applications.


Make sure the information error messages are correct on time and appropriate. The simulator doesn’t replicate device’s hardware, but you have an ability to set up the similar environment as the original device’s OS. Limited access to the devices often used in the foreign countries. Make the analysis to define the most popular and used gadgets in the market. Native Apps creation is expensive in comparison to the Mobile Web apps. Limited functionality in the comparison with Hybrid and Native Apps.

mobile QA testing

For example, if two versions are fairly similar , you can pick the latest version. Given the benefits and capabilities of each testing method, we suggest you use an integrated testing approach that incorporates both manual and automated tests. For the best results, automate 80% of your test cases while performing 20% manually. There are dozens of different types of testing, but it takes a team of experts to know which ones are relevant to your software project and how to include them in the testing strategy the right way.

Add the latest Pixel and iPhone devices with upcoming beta versions to your mix. Add the latest Pixel devices and iPhone devices with upcoming beta versions to your mix. Broaden your device coverage by adding additional high-end and low-end iOS and Android models, plus other brands depending on popularity/market share and your target market/audience. Select a small mix of high-end and low-end iOS and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Finding Hidden Defects Using Investigative Testing

Ipa file is an iOS application archive file that stores an iOS app. Each ipa file includes a binary and can only be installed on an iOS device. For further test automation strategies and best practices, please have a glimpse into the Automated Tester’s Checklistand consider which strategies are best suited to your team.

  • These are an advanced tool that records historical information about processes running on your device.
  • This allows you from your desktop to test natural mobile gestures which include tap, swipe, and scroll.
  • For example, Russian and German words could be much longer than those in other languages.
  • So, in case you ever come across a testing department that employs five software testers, most likely each of them does something different operating different technologies and tools.

Re-installation of the app when the “retain app data” option was chosen during the previous de-installation. We check system resources for weak spots and bottlenecks that may affect memory use, load resilience, and stability, rigorously testing performance at both the client- and server-sides. With a device cloud, tester or the organization does not need to maintain a physical lab or physical devices.

Innovative software testing approaches provide you with the flexibility to test smarter. When planning your testing coverage, it’s important to consider current market conditions as well as upcoming releases. You should reassess your testing plan quarterly or biannually to incorporate new devices that become popular while reducing the priority of devices that are waning in popularity.

List Of Some Iphone And Ipad Testing Tools

To do all this, the overall testing strategy needs to be well defined with the right tools, framework and technology. Next to the default one-finger input, modern touchscreens are able to process multi-finger inputs. There are two-, three-, and even four-finger gestures that perform actions like zooming in, zooming out, or rotating the content of the screen.

Test automation is useful when you are running complicated, repetitive tests that are prone to error. Compatibility testing analyses if the application is compatible with the ecosystem it is going to exist in. Mobile app compatibility testing includes hardware, operating systems, their versions, networks, and browsers. Or you can always go for outsourced mobile app testing by a team that already has a wide range of physical devices available. Digital experience personalization also added its twist to user expectations from the software they choose to install.

Mobile applications often lack the power that a personal computer or laptop have, so specific tests must be administered to ensure proper performance. A desktop experience differs drastically from a mobile experience, often due to a mobile device’s limited resources compared to a desktop or laptop computer. While quality assurance is aimed to prevent defects, quality control aims to identify and fix defects throughout the mobile application’s entire life cycle while delivering per specifications. Therefore, carrying out a full-proof quality assurance protocol for your mobile app is almost as important as validating your idea.

AFTER CAREFULLY tailoring these test phases to the app being developed and meticulously carrying them out, you are certain to end up with functional product. The focus here is to check if the app matches its acceptance criteria or not. The control phase is where you prepare the draft for release after product development ends. Development and testing are carried out simultaneously with each new build of the app.

TestComplete can automate UI actions on real devices or emulators using script-free record and replay. It can also create automated scripts in any of the languages, such as Python, VBScript, Jscript, and JavaScript. Accessibility guidelines are available from platform vendors and these should be used by any mobile app testers. For example, both Google and Apple have published accessibility guidelines for their respective platforms. Taking feedback from people who require accessibility is also helpful.

Quality Assurance Best Practices And Methodologies

Therefore, we need to pass some additional stages and make some additional verifications. SeeTest is one of the leading app testing automation tools in the industry that supports iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry applications. It provides client libraries for Java, C#, Perl, and Python to develop automation scripts in these programming languages.

However, software testers should use their testing skills and techniques to find as many issue as possible. Especially with mobile testing, software testers need a variety of techniques to identify issues in different environments and scenarios before the customer will find them. The following guide on mobile testing techniques is a great starting point for QA members and testers.

Perfecto is the industry-leading testing cloud for mobile app testing. Deliver exceptional digital experiences faster and with confidence with Perfecto. Following is a handpicked list of Top mobile automation testing tools, with their popular features and download links. Statista, in 2019 companies allocated 23% of their IT budgets to quality assurance and testing. This mathes the general recommendation for now ― to spend about 25% of all the project resources on software testing and quality control.

In general, Eastern Europe has proved to be a perfect combination of high-quality services with reasonable rates. Localization testing determines whether an app corresponds to language and culture of a particular region it is planned to be distributed. It’s not only about the correct translation and many think, but also about the content and even advertising. Quality assurance is more about preventative techniques instead of corrective actions. The application should be put to the determined particular category. You should follow the order of version control in the case of publishing an updated version of your app.

It is a system that runs software from one environment to another environment without changing the software itself. At the end of the day, if you plan and budget for a quality assurance process, you will set yourself up for success. The importance of this means not cutting it out of your budget but making sure it is in there.

For example, push notifications on a mobile device not only inform users about updated content, but most of them offer actions like reply or delay. Therefore users can stay on top of their mobile activities and respond easily to everything that pops up. Our app testing solutions are engineered to integrate seamlessly with the DevOps or CI/CD tools you already use and enhance your existing workflows. Uncover high-impact bugs in real-world use cases by scaling your test coverage and executing at speed.


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