So, the reason probably is incompatible drive and hardware. Keith, this may not be a job for you, but check if your RAM modules are seated correctly. Assuming you trust your computer guy, one reason he may have said to put all your files on an external drive may be because your disk is filled to capacity. Make sure you have at least 10GB free for Windows 10. Another reason you may be getting into repair mode is that your main drive isn’t set as the boot device.

  • Under this condition, Advanced SystemCare, an all-in-one tool, will help you update Windows 10 automatically from other PCs.
  • I hope your not powering on the PC then plugging it into something.
  • Now that I have shown how to take screenshot on laptop running on Windows and Mac let me also answer some of the related questions often asked by device users.
  • In my last post, I described how to install and manage Windows Subsystem for Linux in Windows 11….
  • If there is any update it willstartupdatingthe PC.

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Disable Hardware Acceleration

This is something new to the list of fixes but this sure does work. For a friend of mine, when he switched to 1440p instead of the native 1080p, the game crashed right away. This takes me to my next point, which is doing the correct graphics settings so that you don’t end up in a puddle of Freezes, stutters, and launch issues. I have a guide for The Best Graphics settings for MW2 on PC.

Do Not Download From Suspicious Sources:

If you see lots of red squares, you need to replace your currently used hard drive with a new one. If there are only green squares on the test result, computer crashes when playing games cannot be ascribed to bad sectors and you need to move to the following part. Once your graphics card drivers and other drivers are updated, you can relaunch your games. Hope this time you will not be interrupted by computer crash. Therefore, „computer crashes when playing games on Windows 10“ can be blamed to the incompatibility between your current graphics card driver and this operating system. It is a rather frustrating thing for game players. This article will display some effective solutions to help you solve this issue.

Ways to Troubleshoot Game Crashing on Desktop

This is not a definitive repair, but a lot of users have claimed it has worked for them, so it’s worth a shot. On that occasion, Windows could not complete the installation. To install Windows on this computer, restart the installation will be away from Windows 10 and you are fully qualified to install Windows 10 updates correctly. You need to know that you will not reset Windows 10, but taking advantage of this option in advanced options to continue the installation for Windows 10 Home. You can attempt to restore Windows 10 to a point where this installation stuck issue disappeared or you might as well try automatic repair to reset Windows 10. Sometimes, Windows 10 installation failed for unknown reasons. Even if you restart the installation, it still informs you of this error.


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