6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

3 – Develop a Brand Persona – Grab a photo of a person that you feel represents your company. If you’ve ever said “I need more customers” or if your customers are complaining about your price — you’ve got a branding problem. That means that they don’t know WHY they should choose you. Branding is the box your customer puts you in when they are thinking about buying what you are selling. Everyone should have an elevator pitch that briefly describes who they are, gets one or two main points across and helps them connect with other professionals. To help your team form a better understanding of your brand’s personality, have them create elevator pitches for your brand.

What is the best branding strategy?

  1. Target audience knowledge.
  2. Strong unique value proposition.
  3. Passion is observable.
  4. Out-of-the-box thinking.
  5. Consistency.
  6. The brand's objective comes first.
  7. Exceptional brand slogans (or taglines)
  8. The brand always provides value.

This is a fun and easy exercise that works for groups of all sizes. And by the end, you should have a wide mix of practical, unusual, and silly ideas. You might even be surprised at how creative you can get after a couple rounds of exercises.

Exercise 6: Awareness Goals

Gather feedback from the crowd, and see if other staff members can describe the brand values presented in the logo designs. Keep in mind that the bad guys aren’t necessarily other businesses or competitors. Rather, the villain is the problem that your brand strives to resolve. And if your brand solves a variety of problems, then you’ll need to create a rogue’s gallery of villains that need defeating. For this activity, have your team create a list of adjectives that describe your brand. Start with what your employees think your brand represents. Then, review that list and determine if any key adjectives were missed.

  • Well, a brand strategy workshop is perfect for startups that are looking to take the proper steps of the design process with the proper framework.
  • This section will help your brand set a foundation in place to help you grow and expand.
  • Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for cancellation, but your fee may be used towards any of our other workshops.
  • Internal linking is just one piece of technical SEO, but it’s important because it gives Google and website visitors more paths to explore through your website.
  • Through a creative marketing campaign and a catchy tagline, a brand can leave a memorable impression on their consumers.

It also serves as an excellent icebreaker for meetings and workshops. All 6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises you need for this icebreaker is pencil and paper for each participant.

The Positioning Strategy

A few of my favorites are complex, hard, expensive, aggressive, powerful, for dummies, rough. They often cause people to write down the opposing notion – or something in between –, which leads to interesting discussions later on. 5.• The Brand Promise is the single most important thing that you promise to deliver to your customers. • Consider what customers should expect EVERY time they interaction with you. The business decisions you make should be weighed against this brand promise to be sure that it fully reflects this promise, or at the very least does not contradict it. Make the transition from hired-gun to highly valued brand strategist in less than 30 days. The systems, frameworks and tools inside this comprehensive program are all you need to level up.

6 Fun Brand Workshop Exercises

It is not a replacement for a good branding agency, but it’s much better than nothing. And if you do hire an agency, the cheat-sheet will make you a better, smarter client. If there’s one thing I could leave you with today — it’s the understanding that branding is a daily, ongoing activity.

Creativity at Work: 4 Keys to the Art of Product Development

Avoid stopping until after 2 minutes have gone by with no new ideas . Building a brand is a long-term commitment which results from thousands of interactions between a customer and the brand’s touch points over time. Learn specific techniques and exercises to position your brand for maximum growth.

  • A product might be easy to use, but it doesn’t mean the brand should make ease one of its core values.
  • With those grades in place, then you can visualize the results to understand where your brand fits in the landscape compared to competitors.
  • Set the timer to minutes and let participants look online for 1-3 products, companies, services or people who solved a similar problem, or came up with an innovation in an inspiring way.
  • Thank you, Daniel Pink, for explaining why we get sucked into Pixar movies and enjoy every minute of the emotional ride they take us on.
  • When was the last time you took a fresh look at your brand and your marketing message to define your company?

– opportunity to explore your company’s unique value and truth, create a common language to talk about it, and rally your team. Write down at least 3 changes your favorite brand might https://wave-accounting.net/ make. For example, Apple might revamp your packaging, Google might simplify your product’s user experience, and Zappos might inject some fun into your customer support experience.

Brand Workshop Presentation

When not doing digital marketing, he’s sure to be enjoying some kind of nerdy pastime. Brainstorming works best when both logical and imaginative ideas and problem-solving skills work together. This creative warm up exercise helps you tap into both sides of your brain function. The Bad Ideas exercise helps your team approach ideas with an open mind by encouraging them to consider all the possible benefits and applications of even the most wild proposals. Brainstorming is all about generating ideas without judgment.

The goals here is to make sure the team is aligned on the challenge, not to tweak the formulation of the problem or come up with a new one. You know have energized and inspired your entire team for in-depth ideation and have defined key elements and features that will inspire your ideation going forward. It’s crucial that you emphasize that Lightning Demos are all about showing, not telling. This will help make the concepts tangible and ensure everyone is on the same page an aligned about the newly found ideas.

It’s simple yet effective, as any good icebreaker should be, and doesn’t take any time or effort to set up. So what are the best icebreakers for your in-person, remote, and hybrid workshops or meetings?

It drives marketing campaigns, improves brand awareness and attracts more customers to your organization. Internally, your brand personality creates the foundation of your company culture. And through branding exercises, your team will learn how to incorporate your brand values into their daily work and customer interactions. Strategy breeds better design, but brand strategies don’t materialize on their own. They require cooperation between designers and clients. At the start of new engagements, brand strategy workshops align stakeholders and set the tone for the work that follows. Better still, they produce brands that go beyond aesthetic appeal to achieve business goals.


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